We all know that exercise is good for our body, but when we understand why, it makes it easy to get going and exercise!

What happens to your body when you exercise?

The following are five of my most noticeable body changes that I have experienced personally with exercise. Maybe you have too?

  1. Sore Muscles: The body repairs micro tears in the muscle fibers after exercise. This then allows for muscle regeneration. With continued exercise, muscle soreness decreases and the body begins to “shrink” as energy stored as fat is used for muscle maintenance. Muscles are the body’s fat fighting machine!
  2. Relief from constipation: In our gentrified world we often don’t mention constipation, but it is a very common problem. Exercise works wonders for speeding up the digestive system. It gives the body less time to absorb water from the stool and allowing it to travel out and away easily.
  3. Mood elevation: Research shows that extra oxygen reaching the brain elevates our mood after just 5 minutes of vigorous exercise. Thereafter the mind feels alert for the rest of the day and allows the body to sleep sound at night. WOW!
  4.  Healthy heart: Exercise increases the size and strength of the heart. Think of it like a pump, the stronger it is, the fewer times it needs to pump. It means you wont feel as exhausted after a long day because the heart hasn’t had to pump as hard to keep you moving.
  5.  Increase confidence: When your body is exercised, the muscles strengthen, the body’s posture improves, and the body’s endurance capacity increases. You start to feel better, have more energy, sleep better, look better, stress less, enjoy food more and your confidence in yourself to achieve your goals and dreams knows no limit!


Here is how to manifest happiness in your life

The only thing that is holding you back from everything you want to manifest in your life is your ability to exercise regularly.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of spending hours exercising, you don’t need to be; just a little exercise goes a long way!

Studies have shown that only 5 minutes of vigorous daily exercise is better than occasionally exercising for longer.

The magic happens in regular practice; the expression “practice makes perfect” is what happens to your body when exercised. That is: your body learns to become stronger and healthier, and you begin to feel grateful for the body you have.

Happiness comes from living life well with fitness.


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Live well with fitness!