The number one excuse for not exercising is “too busy”, but here we are in lockdown, with nothing better to do, and we still find excuses…

I think, the secret excuse why people don’t exercise has something to do with either feeling intimidated or burnt out by following fitness templates that suggest “gym ” training is the only means of effectively improving fitness.

This psychological barrier created by stereotypical “no pain no gain” enthusiasts don’t do a lot for some of us who prefer a more discrete form of exertion.

Having to “measure up” with a fitness ideal,  is a huge disincentive for starting a guided fitness program. Therefore doing something at home that’s not too strenuous but effective is an excellent way of improving fitness in this current lockdown.

Suppose you’re like me and prefers less to more exercise. In that case, you will love the 2017 British study that compared risks for Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer Mortality at different exercise modes.

Researchers studied the “weekend warrior”, people who met weekly exercise requirements and those who fell short but were still exercising regularly.

The results showed similar benefits in reducing health risk factors compared with those who did no exercise.  Proving the best exercise is the one you actually do!

Here are some benefits of mini-workouts during lockdown:

  • Increase Focus – Working at a computer all day is mentally draining, but a quick hit of exercise will help with memory, creativity, and focus.
  • Decreased Stress – In a closed environment, stress and anxiety can move in. Exercise reduces stress levels and floods the brain with endorphins – happiness is only a workout away.
  • Boost Self Confidence –Knowing short workouts can help manage weight gain, maintain muscle tone, and fitness level significantly affects self-confidence and efficacy.

Instead of waiting to get back to the gym, the moral of this post is to get into the 9-minute workouts today!

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach