If like many people you’re struggling to stay on track with fitness goals and you are considering an online fitness program then I would recommend preparing your self for some outstanding results.

My best advise is firstly to make sure you learn the basics of exercising with good form with a qualified personal trainer in your local area. Then you can go solo online safely and get your unbelievable success!


Online fitness gets results

Online fitness works because you are the trainer, you understand you, better than anyone else.

A personal trainer won’t know what’s holding you back or pushing you forward. No matter how good a trainer is, they are guessing, but with experience, those guesses are very accurate.

All things considered; your trainer cannot exercise for you, and that is where this fitness system collapses.

Taking personal responsibility for your diet and exercise is empowering and scary.

However, having access to reliable fitness and nutrition advice will give you the confidence needed for fitness self-help success.

Do you have what it takes to Shape-UP online?

Online fitness works for people who already understand how their body is moving.

They are motivated for exercise but don’t have the time or ability to get to the gym or join a group fitness class.

Online fitness works for people who need a fitness system to work with them and for them at home.

I have designed Fitness WELLth for people working from home, who can spare 9 minutes to exercise daily.

Who is working from Home?

I classify anyone “working from home,” as spending their day pursuing their career at home either by choice or necessity.

I include hard working parents, whose job it is to raise their children full time, as working from home.

Fitness WELLth can be your lunchtime workout.

From my experience working at a corporate gym, lunchtime fitness is seriously efficient and effective.

The science is out there to show that having an exercise break during the day; clears the head, sharpens the focus and increases energy.

If exercising at home is an option for you, then, I would like you to consider my Fitness WELLth program.

Online fitness is very successful when there is:

  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Consistency

I have therefore built some limitations into the Fitness WELLth program that you can opt-in if you need extra help staying focused.

Fitness WELLth is as flexible as you need it to be, however, sometimes too much choice is not a good thing.

Facebook and Fitness WELLth

I will be joining you with my own workout online this term and I am using Facebook as an option to connect with you.

I have created a Facebook page for Fitness WELLth, and there I will  “check in”  at 1 pm with my workout update.

I will be exercising at 12.30 pm Monday to Friday for the next 10 weeks, and then I will jump online at 1pm to answer your questions. Because, I believe we can workout together and get great results in our own home!

I will post a “How to Video” of the next week’s workout on Friday afternoon so that you can become familiar with the exercises over the weekend.

If you have signed up to the Fitness WELLth program then you will have your workout by Thursday, delivered by email to your Inbox.

For this week you can access the workout here Online Shape-UP Week 1 Link  and if you go to Fitness WELLth’s facebook  – I have posted the first video ready for next week’s workout!

Why am I doing this?

I believe that exercise is an essential part of living life well. A small amount of consistent exercise will make a huge difference to your mental and physical health.

I know that just 9 minutes of exercise each day works, because it’s worked for me and everyone who has committed to regular daily exercise.

I am excited to be taking this road trip to fitness with you, I am not sure what adventures we will have on the way, but I do know we will get to our fitness destination.

How do I know? I know, because it is a matter of fact. If you exercise 5 days a week for the next 10 weeks, then by default you will be fitter than you are today. Particularly if you are currently not exercising at all.

Are you ready to sign-up for Fitness WELLth?

If you are ready to join me this term online I have a few sign-up options for you; they are as follows:

  • Sign-UP Free at: FREE Membership then follow me on Facebook Fitness WELLth.
  • Sign-UP Online for Fitness WELLth Coaching with the following benefits:
    • Receive by email your workouts that challenge your cardio fitness, muscle strength, and core stability.
    • Have access to 30 new exercises per term that you can do at home, anytime with video demonstrations.
    • One 30 minute online coaching session per term (booked in advance) to help you tailor your workouts and nutrition needs to optimize your success in this program.
    • Receive my invitation to Square Box Fitness: My Fitness Pal Friendship Group: Where you can get personal help to stay on track with your fitness goals.
    • See sign-UP options by following this link.
  • Sign-UP: Fitness WELLth is FREE when you join our Shape-UP classes at either Artarmon or Epping. Please Note: This option does not include the online 30-minute coaching session or My Fitness Pal Friendship Group.

Thought for the week


I leave you now with a thought for the week:

10 weeks from now you will thank yourself, for deciding to Shape-UP this term.


See you next week in class and online!!


Live well with fitness!