The one thing, I am most proud of is being Australian, not because it’s better than another place on earth, but rather, it is where I live with my family and friends.

No matter where you are in this big world we are united in the belief that the love for our family and friends is what makes us unique and gratitude connects our humanity.

If you are familiar with my Australian culture, on the surface it may seem we have a  laid back attitude to life;  “Shrimp on the barbie,”  beaches,  suntans,  koala bears and kangaroos…

You may even feel that perhaps us Australian’s are a little “lazy” compared to the  go-go world of must-have success.

Let me take you behind the scene of Australian mateship (a gender-neutral word meaning friendship), to see how Australian kinship can make our diverse world a fitter place to live!

Words can connect, empower and forge a way to fitness

In recent years (sadly, even in Australia), “She’ll be right mate”  has become an expression with less than flattering connotations.

Culturally, many are starting to believe that it is OK to accept a low-quality of life or a “good enough” physical condition rather than seek health and well-being through daily exercise.

In Australia, we are proud of the “Aussie Battler,”  a person who, no matter how rough life gets, keeps going.

Aussies know true failure in fitness is in giving up, and so we keep fighting on with our exercise, against the odds of our current fitness levels.

Like most people, I understand the pain of “no time for exercise” and “I wish fitness was easier,” and sometimes, I think it is necessary to indulge in self-pity (within reason)  to move ahead.

I can say from my own experience, when times get hard, and you feel like giving up on your daily exercise, it’s a good time to remember to think like a true  Aussie….“She’ll be right mate.”

“She’ll be right,” means; whatever is wrong right now,  will right itself with time and consistent effort “She” represents everything. The expression allows you to use it in many situations, from extreme hardship to casual greetings….G’Day mate…. Hows’t going…. she’ll be right…

Australians have an unshakable belief in their mates (friends) to support them in tough times and the tenacity to push through with hard yakka (work) for a better future.

Words can empower or be dis-empowering, depending on the meaning we give them through our cultural experience… it is the reason we don’t have words to em-pathetically explain the benefits of exercise on every human body.

However,  I think “she’ll be right” comes close to putting exercise into perspective and that is; pushing through, even with just 9 minutes of daily exercise to become fitter, healthier and happier!

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Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer