There will be times when no matter how hard we workout we don’t see the fitness results we expect. It is at these times we may want to punch life’s unfairness with all our might!

Anger and frustration is a common reaction when we don’t meet our expectations in fitness and so is looking for someone or something to blame.  If we happen to find the cause of our fitness failure what have we achieved?

Not much in my opinion, because I feel “reason” gives us permission to live with defeat.

Here at Square Box Fitness we don’t accept our limitations as a reason for moving away from fitness. We move forward in fitness in spite of our reason and we do it with good humor.

All of us have personal challenges that we work with daily.  Some workouts at Square Box Fitness won’t suit everyone all of the time, but there is always a great sense of satisfaction that comes with having exercised our body to the best of our ability.

Exercise does not have to take long; 9 minutes daily will see your body move your fitness in the right direction. Join to access your beginner 9 minute program

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach