Putting together the “big picture” of life’s health and fitness problems is very much like solving a Jigsaw puzzle with many, many pieces.

All seasoned Puzzlists know a large count puzzle needs a strategy; a random piece-by-piece game of chance brings frustration, disappointment and eventual defeat.

Let’s have a look at how to solve an overweight management conundrum using successful jigsaw puzzle techniques. Here’s how:


We will use the WELLth program as a simple example of a fitness puzzle picture to guide us through our health and fitness solution.

The WELLth program picture is: A personalized “Do It Yourself” Health and Fitness routine that feels comfortable, natural and habitual for long term health of the body, mind and spirit.


In solving  jigsaw puzzles, we need to group like piece together, for example, the border pieces, colors, faces, shapes etc.  In WELLth we organize Health and Fitness pieces into the follow groups:

  1. Daily Exercise: 9 minute Cardio, Core and Strength workout
  2. Mindset, Sleep and Breathing techniques as a tool for self-regulation
  3. Wholefood Nutrition Plant-based focus on Natural Foods
  4. Planning for Meals and Exercise


Then, we can begin working through your pieces within the groups. Start with pieces that are obvious to you and implement those first.

For most people, its Daily Exercise; here’s how to do this one:

  • Get your 4-week 9 Minute workouts (link at the end of this post).
  • Find a small space enough to fit an exercise mat and a suitable time to work out
  • Do the 9-minute workout Monday to Friday at your scheduled time.

Next is the Mindset; the following are a few mindset challenges that many people have found their way to overcome with the WELLth program coaching:

  • Finding time for exercise
  • Inconvenience of exercise
  • Lack of self-motivation for exercise
  • Non-enjoyment of exercise
  • Boredom with exercise
  • Lack of confidence with training.
  • Fear of injury
  • Lack self-management skills
  • Lack of support from family and friends
  • Non-availability of equipment
  • Expense of a training programs
  • Uneasiness with change
  • Unsuitable programs

The third is Nutrition: Move towards whole foods by including an extra serving of fresh vegetables to each meal until you meet the minimum daily requirement of five serves of vegetables daily.

Lastly, it is Planning, or perhaps it can be the first group to tackle. It really doesn’t matter where you start in the cycle of WELLth; solving your overweight  puzzle is just a matter of working successfully with the 4 groups of WELLth.


Once you have figured out how to sort your 4 areas of WELLth,  then filling in the remaining gaps is easy. Your WELLth puzzle is finished! It will then be time to enjoy your life with health and WELLth.

I won’t lie to you, the process does take time, effort and energy, but these strategies will pay off. When you’re done, you will never again have to worry about getting fit, healthy or lose weight. You will be a picture of WELLth!

Start with our 4 FREE weeks of Fitness WELLth today. The link is below for you.

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach @SquareBoxFitness.com