I don’t usually write during our term break, but these are not normal times. My decision to take the vaccine stemmed from my work with older Australians in the hospital system.

I acknowledge it is a privilege to be working with an older age group, and I take my responsibility for their safety seriously.

Having said this, my duty of health is to myself above all else. When I decided on the vaccine, it was on the basis that I am a healthy person with no medical conditions.

Assessing The Odds

Therefore the “odds” of me getting severely sick or spreading COVID 19 are high compared to the risk of developing a life-threatening reaction to the vaccine.

I respect the personal decision for/against COVID vaccination but stress the importance of a COVID-19 safety and recovery plan.     

Vaccination gives me an additional level of confidence in my safety and recovery plan. Still, it will not excuse me from the fundamentals of facilitating a COVID safe environment.

At Square Box Fitness, we will continue with a high standard of COVID-19 risk mitigation, particularly as we are moving into the winter months.

Before Deciding 

The decision to vaccinate is personal, and I urge you to review your health with your doctor because the vaccine affects people in different ways.

Currently, Australian statistics are showing, on average, of the two available vaccines (AstraZeneca and Pfizer), 50% reported “no adverse event”. The remaining 50% reported an adverse experience ranging from mild to moderate. The most common were fatigue, headache, muscle/body aches.

Personally, my reaction to the vaccine was delayed, and its onset felt severe to me, lasting about 24 hours. Having now recovered from my short but traumatic vaccine illness, I’m grateful for my precious health. I do not regret my decision to vaccinate. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

I’m a firm believer in prevention over cure; therefore, I will continue to encourage you with daily exercise and wholefood nutrition as a best practice.

Always consult with your health care professional before beginning a new exercise program and then start enjoying the feel-good of health and WELLth – DAILY!

Exercise does not have to take long; 9 minutes daily will see your body move your fitness in the right direction. Join to access your beginner 9 minute program

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach @SquareBoxFitness.com