When the body is fit, it shines with confidence, optimism and positivity. Daily exercise sweeps away the darkness and allows the heart’s centre to show its radiance.

Each of us can exercise 9 minutes daily, and feel the benefits of fitness. No matter the body’s condition today, with this small investment of time, we can have a body that serves us well for life.

So why do we use barriers to fitness and block our body from exercise? Why do we choose to prevent the feelings of confidence and well-being that come with a strong and able body?

Please read on if you are not afraid of the truth.

Scientific research documents the strongest barrier to exercise is TIME. So let’s reflect together on the concept of lack of time, as a barrier to fitness.

Know this as the truth, until we can stop managing our time as a matter of convenience, we will never have enough time. We will continue to waste time on the hamster wheel of finding a suitable time for exercise.

Finding time for exercise is a Santa Claus belief. A commercial fabricated story to sell an elixir for life’s fantasy.   The Goldilocks fairytale of finding a “just right” fitness solution does not exist.  Goldilocks, herself chose her best option from a set of 3 offers.

Set your time

To move forward in fitness, we need to acknowledge time as a choice for life. When time is left unset for exercise, time passes quickly with the mind’s delusion of the body maintaining its strength over the years of life.

Health and WELLth is a lifelong commitment and often a battle of time against patience.  Most of us lie to ourselves about our “WHY” for fitness by chasing nearsighted desires and not becoming the person we need to be to have Fitness WELLth in our life.

Be kind and gentle; set time to catch your breath

Let’s get back to the fitness barrier of “too busy” for exercise; does it feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel? Do you run from this fitness program, to that fitness program, to this, to that and never seem to be able to get off that hamster wheel of trying to get fit?

Ask yourself this…why are you prioritising time for a hamster wheel? Or are you running so fast, the thought of getting off your hamster wheel is terrifying and feels dangerous or even deadly…

Let me help you slow down your hamster wheel for a short time to catch your breath. Take the following steps for 6 days:

  • Day 1: Today: Feel yourself breathe for 9 minutes with no judgement.  What do you notice? Write your observations in a diary. Set a time for 9 minutes tomorrow.
  • Day 2 until Day 5: Breathe for 9 minutes with no judgement. What do you notice? Write your observations in your diary.
  • Day 6.  Notice what happened to your hamster wheel while you chose to set time to catch your breath. Did the hamster wheel we call time, stop for you?

You are now in control of your body and mind. You are ready to get fit and feel better with daily exercise.

Take my hand and let me lead you safely off your hamster wheel and into my world where health is WELLth with 9 minutes of daily exercise. You will find your link below.

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach @SquareBoxFitness.com