Being continuously too busy for exercise prevents us from doing the one thing [exercise] that will ultimately help us do twice as much with more energy. Exercising is like oiling a car engine, it doesn’t fuel the car – it makes it run smoothly.

A “Catch-22” is a term coined by Joseph Heller in 1961. He describes the absurdity of being caught in a circular argument with reference to military bureaucracy:

A soldier can be dismissed from duty on the grounds of insanity, however, applying for dismal proves that the solider is indeed sane and therefore cannot be dismissed!

In our own lives, when we continually allow ourselves to be stuck in a loop of “too busy to exercise” we will eventually break down for lack of self-care.

If you have a stressful job, run a household with kids or both! Then finding time for the important things (like sleep!) can be a challenge and finding the motivation for exercise will seem impossible.

On very busy days I have learned to let go of guilt and implement strategies to help me exercise just a little.

Here are my top 3 strategies for getting some exercise on very busy days:

  1. Switch off the mobile phone for 30 minutes and exercise before switching it back on – (using FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out) really works for me!
  2. Exercise before lunch, because, if I’m too busy to exercise then I’m too busy to eat!
  3. Schedule just 9 minutes of daily exercise that is NOT negotiable

In the course of our lives, we make choices that suit us in the moment. We can choose to exercise now, later or never and the consequences of each decision will find its way to our body’s health.

Start exercising today with access to your 9-minute workout link below.

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach