It’s natural to fear the unknown; uncertainty prevents many from making the big decision to commit to an exercise program. Knowing what steps to take makes commitment easy and effective.

Uncertainty with the “how-to” of exercise may turn to fear, leading to avoiding critical daily exercise, with the hope that the body will somehow maintain its current health into the future.

Fear of commitment or anxiety for exercise could also be linked to early experiences or trauma with past fitness programs.

However, regarding the body’s health and fitness, a fear of commitment will lead to avoiding or rejecting the benefit of exercise for short term comfort. This behavior negatively impacts the body’s future health and wellbeing.

Exercise commitment issues are complex, but here are a few signs to help you recognize them within yourself or others:

  • Avoiding planning, talking or thinking about exercise programs
  • Serious or long-term fitness programs are always out of the question
  • Lack of motivation for exercise
  • Flaky or inconsistent behavior and excuses
  • Nitpicky the small things of an exercise program
  • Looking for “time” and the mood to exercise

The health benefits of daily exercise are a sure thing. To help you get started with your fitness today, access your Free 9-minute program.

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach